Amateur classes

International Amateur Classes:

In hand Show classes.
Class AN50 Novice – Fillies
Class AN51 Novice – Colts
Class AN52 Novice – Mares
Class AN53 Novice – Stallions
Class AN54 Novice – Geldings.

Class AA55 Amateur – Fillies
Class AA56 Amateur – Colts
Class AA57 Amateur – Mares
Class AA58 Amateur – Stallions
Class AA59 Amateur – Geldings.

Class AE60 Experienced – Fillies
Class AE61 Experienced – Colts
Class AE62 Experienced – Mares
Class AE63 Experienced – Stallions
Class AE64 Experienced – Geldings.

- Best of show Novice
- Best of show Amateur
- Best of show Experienced

Pleasure Classes for Partbred and Purebred Arabians.
Class AN71 Novice – Classic Pleasure
Class AA72 Amateur – Classic Pleasure
Class AN73 Novice – Western Pleasure
Class AA74 Amateur – Western Pleasure
Class AN75 Novice – Hunter Pleasure
Class AA76 Amateur – Hunter Pleasure

Trail for Partbred and Purebred Arabians.
Class A77 Trail ridden
Class A78 Trail in hand

Any class with less than three entries can be combined with the next higher or lower level of the same sex.
Amateur classes are not qualifiers for Title or A Shows.